CA melting ABS?

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Building the monstrous Neo Zeong, but I have now twice have plastics disintegrating via running CA and some pressure… what’s going on? It seems the ABS plastic just doesn’t react well to CA and they become very weak. That’s really sad! Stuff seem to stablize though after the CA cures.

IMS #7: Terror Mirage from Volks

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I haven’t bought any hobby magazines for years and suddenly gotten the urge after blogging about my Black Knight.  Well what do you know, people don’t put interesting ads in them anymore! I was in particular hoping to learn what Volk’s next Five Star IMS kit is, but could only find that online, that it’s going to be the Terror Mirage. Alas, I still have my prized resin “mechanical moving” kit from way back when. I guess it’s finally time to build it! The IMS kit won’t be here for another half a year at least.

The Terror Mirage with Boomerang may best be handled by the styrene kit… with the boomerangs being lighter. If I could finish my IMS backlog I’ll definitely try to get it.

RX-0(N) Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn – 1/100 Master Grade MG – Black

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How many Unicorns can you build? I still can’t believe I’m conned by Bandai to this extent, alas. May be I should just do the normal Black Unicorn with the giant claw and complete the collection, haha.

The Banshee Norn is one of those annoying P-Bandai exclusives. When it was announced, there was a riot with people hating Bandai for making this exclusive, and I totally concur… this is a very cool design and it probably has much more screen time than the normal version, so the decision to make it exclusive is purely a marketing decision. Perhaps they just feel they can’t put out so many new UC kits on the shelves to bump the Build Fighters? Ah well whatever.

I was really indifferent to the kit but since no one has put out a properly exposed photo of the glowing Banshee I figured I should do it, haha. The yellow fluorescent plastic is quite weak in responding to the black light, so I needed to expose it for 30 seconds to make it glow properly. Otherwise everything else is standard Unicorn fare. As usual with dark kits I drybrushed the edges a bit as well.

Wave 1/100 FSS Led Mirage Prince Sarion with Flame Launcher

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Now that I have a somewhat different approach to modeling and photography, I’ve been looking to redo/reshoot some of my old kit that is still around. This Wave 1/100 kit was at one point my pride and joy… mostly because it was such a hassle to build because of poor fit and my lack of proper techniques. I finished it in in 2000! I was trying to pose it alongside my new FSS kits but it just wouldn’t hold up, so I opted to convert it into a mostly fixed pose kit, and re-shot it. It’s really not bad considering what it was.

You can read my old build-up notes here.

Proxxon pen sander PS13

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I know I don’t do enough tools and techniques on my site, but I cannot say enough good things about this guy. I have used it for a few months now and I regretted not investing in something like this for the past 15 years that I’ve been building!! What a mistake!

This guy is a pretty powerful sander and is great for modeling applications in terms of size and versatility. There are other battery powered options out there but I like the different options it has and it can do some serious grinding down of plastic! In particular I don’t care about the sanders with a long stick – they are good for flat surfaces but you can’t get to more detailed areas.

The tool requires you to buy their transformer. Adding the tool comes to about $70. But it’s the best $70 I’ve spent. A few tips for using:

  1. Ditch the sandpaper that came with the kit, they are useless. Get yourself some dry sandpaper, cut into shape and use double-sided tape to attach. The tape will keep it on forever if you don’t try to wet sand. Because of dry sanding, you’ll want to wear a mask because the sanding produces A LOT of fine dust particles!
  2. Don’t worry about cutting the sandpaper to match the exact shape of the attachment. I find that leaving a bit out will give you more versatility on sanding.
  3. I typically use 220 grit papers for heavy duty removal. You’ll want to follow up with 400 afterwards because the sanding produces some pretty deep scratches; the scratches are deeper than if you do circular motion hand sanding.
  4. If your attached sandpaper is getting dull, you can re-tape it orthogonally and you can keep using it for a bit longer.

I hope it’ll improve your modeling life as much as mine!

Armored Girl (Kacchu Musume) from Cerberus Project 1/6 Resin Figure

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I built a modified version of this kit back in 2006 (!!!) Boy am I getting old.  The original kit was excellent as well so I built yet another one. Once again the dark iron Mr. Metal color is the highlight of the kit, making a cool rendition of this fantastic design by Tsukasa Bullet.

1/7 Ghostbuster Lucy – Shunya Yamashita version

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I can’t remember last I’ve done any figures?! There is a certain appeal about Yamashita’s many renditions of the classic and new heroines. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of the Ghostbusters franchise I still like how the various bits are assembled in this piece.

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