Winter modeling

Recently I have found a bit more motivation in working on kits, particularly the larger and more complicated ones. I have to say the cost of models do indicate the time you’re supposed to spend on them! As hard as I tried, I could not easily finish off the PG Unicorn with LED and full […]

Last of the Dengeki Hobby magazine

Alas signs of time… Dengeki Hobby is going to publish its last printed copy. I haven’t bought any hobby mags for a while until recently, as I love the feeling of flipping through the pages and looking at the attractive magazine layout. Well to be honest I was also bummed that I somehow missed the […]

MyPublisher/Shutterfly/Mixbook/Blurb photobook experience

I was making a photobook for my parents. I had used Blurb and MyPublisher before, and although both were decent, I simply can’t understand why everybody fails in one way or another. My last book was done with MyPublisher. It always has some big sales, and with those sales the books become quite reasonably priced […]

Gundam X the anime

I refused to watch Gundam X for a long time… the mechs were underwhelming and  the reviews were far from positive. However the new MG Double X was half way decent so I decided to watch it during my gym hours to see, perhaps, I might like it a little bit. (Incidentally HLJ really need to […]


Photographing the Neo Zeong

I finally got to use my bigger studio set up for the massive Neo Zeong. I wanted to get the psycho shards to have a glowing effect, hence I placed a flash behind it. However the skirt of NZ casted a big shadow on the ring, so I had to compensate by using another flash […]


Full Armor Unicorn MG 1/100

This was one of the big kits I built last year, but I had to wait for the couple of Armor DE before I could complete it. Now that the PG Unicorn is out with the Full Armor add on, I want the MG version to look different, and the Armor DE was a perfect fix for […]

What is Mr. Color Thinner?

For as long as I’ve used Mr. Color, I always wonder what the composition of its thinner is. After all, they are so dang pricey, and we all know paint manufacturers just love to repackage common chemicals and resell them for ridiculous prices (e.g. enamel thinner = mineral spirits, Tamiya X-20A = alcohol). But Mr. […]

Neo Zeong details

I forgot exactly when I started building NZ, but from my posting history it’s a bit over 2 months ago. I have been working on this pretty constantly so it felt like a long process. The weapon container is one of the more detailed parts on NZ so I gave it a bit more spice. […]


Neo Zeong arms II

While moveability of NZ isn’t one of its forte, I was quite taken to its pose in the mechanic file, where it has its arms outstretched. The kit wouldn’t do it as one of the parts was obscuring the movement. I opted to convert the part to a double ball joint… And now the arm […]


Neo Zeong arms

Getting closer! Detailing the arms is a real chore since you have to do it six times. That’s the beauty of this beast. Following the mechanic file image, added these details… Realized that I can use the kotobukiya pistons for the funnels, I think I’ll go with this

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