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I had waited for this Hasegawa 1:48 Strike Valkyrie ever since they rolled out their 1:72 kits. Reading the history of Hasegawa, their specialty is in 1:72 and less on the larger kits, which explained their very late foray into the line. Given the accuracy and the detail of the final product though, it was worth the wait.

I have previously done a short update when I finished the kit and a more detailed WIP post, and this time the belated studio shoot is ready in the way I meant to do it. The wide-angle frontal shot of the plane displayed in full glory of its arsenal as displayed in the weapon kit’s art. The kit was done with the Valkyrie photoetch option kit, and the cockpit ladder was a Eduard 1:48 F-105 ladder. It was difficult to find a compatible ladder that looks like the box art! The hanger base was the Kotobukiya chain base – which at the time of writing is being reissued (yay!) in Oct 2016. The missles were supported with modified carts from the chain base kits, and the nuclear missiles were supported with 1/48 USAF Missile Maintenance Stand which also took me a while to find. A more seasoned modeler would just scratch build that :-/

It was a bit of a perilous build since the decals were getting old and started to crumble. Hasegawa decals are of good quality but they don’t last very long, unlike the thicker Bandai and Wave offerings. Had I be patient and used Micro Liquid Decal film I might now have so much trouble… I enjoyed finishing this kit nonetheless.

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