1:7 Bishoujo Street Fighter Juri

This is the resin kit version of the Kotobukiya PVC bishoujo. You can tell I really like Yamashita’s series of figures after I’ve done the other bishoujos! Juri is quite unusual in her pose, costume and has quite an attitude, which drew me to her. I opted to use florescence color in her pink pieces for a bit more stand out effects, and I had her thigh parts uncovered instead of black as in the original art. There’s a bit of hassle in painting her spider themed chest armor, but nothing some enamel handbrush wouldn’t achieve. I’d put this kit under the “cool” category!

DSC_6121DSC_6125 DSC_6118DSC_6131DSC_6133DSC_6134DSC_6129 DSC_6128DSC_6126DSC_6123

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