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Welcome to my site devoted to the less common genre in the modeling world: figures and mecha. I’ve building mechas since I was a kid, but didn’t have the skills or resources to do a good job, i.e. didn’t putty and sand, only paint with crappy brushes etc. Fast forward to the end of 1998 when I had a chance to pick up modeling again, and got all the right tools and right info, my passion for the hobby ignited again. This time however, I got into something I only dreamt of doing: figures. They’re fascinating modeling subjects, and these finished eye candys are like trophies. I’m not uninterested in other stuff, one day I’d like to do some air carriers or an X-wing, but there are so many figures to build and so little time!
I was most interested in femmes – of the real and unreal kinds, the latter being anime figures. If you watch much anime, it can’t help that you also want to own a 3D likeness of the characters too! Anime figures are not very common in the english speaking world but in Japan they’ve been an active hobby for more than one and a half decade. What attracts me is the wide variety of figures to choose from and the rather imaginative sculpting works.

My Figure Modeling
My style of painting is geared towards realism, for people who have only seen anime as it appears on TV may have trouble accepting it, but many anime characters had been portrayed realistically in artbooks (notably Haruhiko Mikimoto’s [Macross] work) To bind a 3D object back to a 2D space is simply imposing a limit on creativity, that’s why most figures that appears in Hobby Japan looks like they’re painted the same way. It hurts to think that one cannot do better than that.

Having built many figures, there are only a few truly magnificient kits left in my pile that are exciting to build out-of-the-box. I’ve recently completed a tedious kit conversion piece and learned about modifications and sculpting, so I’m looking forward to more ambitious projects in the future.

I also like mechas too, although not as much as figures. Painting mechas tends to be pretty routine, and detailing is tedious. But with the beautiful Five Star Stories mecha it can be very rewarding. However FSS kits also suffer from uniform finishes – if a person has reasonable modeling skills, s/he can get the results shown on the box – and that’s not very creative. Therefore I’m drifting away from FSS kits, except the few that I can do some interesting things on.
I’m a big Votoms fan – closest thing to grunty war hardware, though the variations in the Votoms line is somewhat limited. Finally I grew up with Gundam and has been a long time devotee, so I’m still getting my dosage of Master Grades, but as a modeling subject I’m not enthusiastic enough about them to do a lot of modifications on the kits, unlike with Votoms’ scopedogs. I was never too thrilled with Zakus (don’t like the curvy legs) and the face masks of the Gundams are getting to me. But I think I’ll keep making the cooler ones.
One very important modeling experience for me was with the Hasegawa Valkyrie – on this project I can truly see why details are important and I started to be somewhat obsessive about them. Compared with the Valkyries, Gundam kits looks like giant super robots with their very simplistic exteriors that has very little details. If I continue to work on Gundam kits, I’d like to concentrate on improving the details on them. The Valkyrie also opened up my modeling interests to other real subjects, and I’m looking forward to doing a few kits that I always wanted to do – an AH-64 Apache and a battleship Yamato.

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting my site as much as I enjoyed creating it. It showcases my modeling work and contains quite a bit of information on modeling, in particular figures. I’m always happy to know how you like the site and how it can be improved.

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  1. love the work. the mecha image links do not work, is there a way i can get the images to the two five star stories models? thank you.

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