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 While waiting for the 20 coats of Future I put on Cammy’s base to cure, today I received all the needed supplies to create the pool-side base for this WF 2007 Kagura kit that I had painted last week. I like this Kagura sculpt a lot, and the stretching  pose is so neeeat.  I’m going to add a little water dripping on her later.

I had some struggles with whether to go with a rectangular base or a circular one. A rectangular one is much easier to make, but after comparing the options a circular one would better “contain” the figure… I can’t explain it too well. Anyway to create a raised pool side I stacked and truncated a couple of acrylic disc and laid some Evergreen tile styrene sheet on top. A disc at the bottom serve as the water edge; since I had too much excess resin from Cammy I put a layer on the acrylic disc to create some undulation on the water surface. The rails were actually the headache part; I thought I could bend a couple of aluminum tubes for it, but the tubes will fold most of the time instead of creating a curve. Perhaps I needed solid aluminum tubes, but at the diameter I needed it’s perhaps very difficult to bend without tools. Anyway I discovered a bag of styrene cylinders I bought a while back, and by superheating them I could slowly bend them into shape. Took a few tries, but in the end it works out ok. Still needed to patch up the back of the base later.

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