Mary Midorikawa 緑川マりー


近藤 貴之
Apple Pie

She’s green, she’s got nice body, and she’s Mary Midorikawa (that’s “Greenriver”)! Actually I don’t know about the “nice body” part, it’s just what the character description says. This bosomy 92-57-90 heroine is a half-Japanese and has a very cheerful character. Her mom was a previous winner in the race. Mary joined the race to (gasp) find a rich man and get married, for a Cinderella finish. For more details of the game see the description on Jun.

I didn’t like this kit and I still don’t unmodified; I’m not into characters with such ridiculous proportions. The biggest problem of the kit is the right hand. Its pose, adopted from the character art, has it resting on her waist. However, the right shoulder is jerked up and her arm looks too short. Combined with the off-proportioned front she looks too “cartoony” for me. Had the left and right arm swapped she could be saved. Anyway I thought I could change the pose to make her look better, and here’s the outcome. “Mary ichiban desu!”

Kit Review Seam lines: 5/5 Pinholes: 5/5 Casting: 5/5 Fit:4/5 Part Break: 5/5 Help

Wow, what an amazing casting! The seam lines were almost non-existent, only spent about half an hour cleaning up here and there and off she went to shower. The 3 pieces that forms her hair have pretty large gaps in between and so is her right thigh/leg junction, but they could be dealt with by modeling paste. Here is the parts being primed, and here is the unpainted Mary.
BuildingChanging her pose was little work, just twist the arm a bit and use polyester putty to adjust the upper arm. This kit is easier to paint than Jun since her top “shirt” is separated from her body, though in my casting the top doesn’t really conceal the nipular areas enough so they just popped out… can’t say it’s a bad thing?!Painting these uniforms the 4th time isn’t a very thrilling experience – I really don’t look forward to doing it again. This time Mary was given a coat of light green base coat and duo-yellow-green as top coat, giving her that green/gold look on the uniform. Mary has a dark complexion, but I don’t like the chocolate-like skintone in the sample buildup, it’s kind of ugly and probably part of the reason why I didn’t like the kit. Anyway I took my darkest skintone and lighten it only a little as the base coat, and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. The trick is to leave enough orange in the skintone so that it looks vibrant and not charcoal. I went back and forth on a scheme for the skates, wanted to paint them green, but there’s already too much green in the kit so I decided to go with the sample buildup’s scheme of white, only I added the little twist of using the Alpine pink/green (also used in Aida) as the top coat instead of white pearl.

This time all the markings are there, including the ALFA logos on her left thigh. Jun would have them were it not for her pose. The decal sheets were excellent, the film almost complete dissolved when I applied decal solvent, a light skin-tone-sheen clear coat on top and the decal merges naturally with the skintone.

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