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Before the advent of the Seed line of designs, Wing 0 from Endless Waltz had been one of my favorite. The semi-useless wings are so stylish, they almost distract you from thinking “why the wings?” 🙂 The MG rendition of this cool mech is particularly nice. To be honest, I had the PG so I didn’t really care much for the MG version when it first came out, but over time I couldn’t resist the expandable gimmick in the wings. The expansion makes the wing looks more voluminous and complex, allowing more coolness. Some minor complaints about the kit is that the shoulder’s wouldn’t get vertical movements (which is probably hard to implement since the gatling guns are in the way), and the waist won’t bend backwards. Well it can bend forward for the classic shooting pose, but the pose in the pic above would be cooler if Wing 0 could bend backwards.

This build has relatively little mods – I like the kit as is. Except for the wing’s support. The stupid joints connecting the main wings to the backpack’s “beams” are so ridiculously filmsy, there’s just no way it can support the weight. After some experimentation I replaced them by the excellent polycaps from Volks, which are very sturdy and holds up the wings very well. Also I learned something about V-color when painting this kit. For the very flexible, bendable wing tips, I used V-color since it is very stretchable; but at a certain thickness the thing just cracks. Yikes. So I had to strip and repaint again with a much thinner layer.
One funny thing is that the kit is decal-mad – there’re some insanely verbose decals! I don’t know why people like those but I wish they’d just stop the yucky “race car” trend.

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