Gundam X the anime

I refused to watch Gundam X for a long time… the mechs were underwhelming and  the reviews were far from positive. However the new MG Double X was half way decent so I decided to watch it during my gym hours to see, perhaps, I might like it a little bit. (Incidentally HLJ really need to … Continue reading


Have been sick for a bit so I could find time to finish Blood+. The ending is what you’d expect except for a few small twists, but overall a very well-done ending to a nice series, and very emotional as well. One of the best endings I’ve seen in a while… unrushed, well-paced and resolved … Continue reading


Just finished Yukikaze tonight, a sci-fi OVA mixed with great aerial combat scenes. I said earlier that I like Macross Zero for its aerial fight scenes, but Yukikaze’s make up for the lack of flashy missle chases with very realistic cockpit-centric angles and stylish goosebump moments! The whole alien(JAMs)-human struggle backdrop is quite interesting, but … Continue reading

Jigoku Shoujo

I got a bit burned out from working on Four continuously for the past two weeks (and still have to fix some stuff 🙁 ), so I took a detour and started watching Jigoku Shoujo (or Hell Girl). Basically the plot revolves around a girl from hell who answer people’s wishes for revenge by claiming … Continue reading


I’ve finished the 2nd arc of Blood+, and I must say I’m liking the show a lot. The basic plot is pretty standard – evil corp turning people into monsters, girl kick-ass fighter, forgot who she is, lived peacefully with family until it got destroyed, trying to find herself. But the details somehow pull the … Continue reading

Robots replacing robots

I was test driving the neat “Google RelatedLinks” box at the bottom of this page, and saw this article about Gundam Wing past being its prime. It strangly echoes what I briefly thought about recently, that SEED is so much a better as a story than Wing was. Of course, being a more recent series, … Continue reading