New airbrush: GREX TG5

New airbrush: GREX TG5

I needed a larger diameter airbrush for painting large areas; for example priming kits or painting something 1/60. I dug up my old Iwata BCS for this… it has a 0.5mm spray head and with the bottle attachment, I thought it’d be good for it. Then it brought back all my memories of why I … Continue reading

What took them so long?

Hasegawa finally came out with the 1/48 version of the Strike Valkyrie. OMG. I have no doubt they were going to do it eventually, but man that’s a frigging 3 years since the regular version came out! That’s why they’ve become one of the also-ran companies.

Tubing cutter?

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know how to use one of these K&S tubing cutter. I put a 1/16″ brass tube in the groove and turned the screw, but I don’t see cutting happening! I got one because I thought I can cut the tubes that I use for pinning more conveniently. Aluminum … Continue reading

Alclad II Lacquer Chrome

Alclad II Lacquer Chrome Date Price From Manufacturer 10/29 $6.46 Great Models Alclad “Wow” is all I can say. I’ve seen the amazing finishes from this paint by the aircraft modelers, but after seeing it with my own eyes it’s really something! The only requirement for working with this paint is you have to prime … Continue reading