Palau: The Micronesian Paradise

So I was just back from Palau, which lies southwest of Guam. Pics from the trip are on my Google photo album. I had high expectation for the trip since the place sounded so fascinating when I was googling it, and the experience totally blew my mind… well part of it was because I had … Continue reading


We went to Maui, Hawaii last week and it was a blast. It was a company trip, with some prior arrangements we got certified for scuba diving. The underwater scenery was fantastic. I also went on to a night dive but I figured there are too many things to worry about for a first-time night … Continue reading

Ireland pics

Posted some pics of the trip over at Google’s web album. It was a pretty awesome trip and I really like working with the people over there. Folks are very friendly as well. Definitely worth visiting!


After the last trip (which was fantastic) I couldn’t sit still and off I go again! I’ll be traveling to Dublin, Ireland. Although it’s mostly for my work, I’m planning to do some tourist stuff over the weekend… and I’m going to Peruvian Amazon in November. More on that later; one trip at a time … Continue reading