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This critter came from a nonstop weekend run of kit building to make room for another big purchase…

Would need more photos soon but I’m a bit sick of posing this dude…

While I like the mech and the kit has done justice to it, I feel the construction of the kit is on the “cheap MG” side of things. The internal frame isn’t detailed (not that I care a whole lot), but the mech is noticeably smaller than other MGs. Heck I have done the Wing Zero Custom and perhaps because of its wings I didn’t feel the kit is that much smaller than other regular MGs. There are also more visible seams here as well… yeah I’m spoiled but I can’t remember the last time I had to work on seams. They’re now also doing a modular switchable 4-finger attachment for different hand expression… I like this better than the stupid 3-finger-plus-1 style of the past, as these hold objects tighter. Wished the Wing Zero was this way. The shoulders are horrible… ABS aren’t perfect and here Bandai decided to use them to leverage the shoulder’s up-and-down motion. Guess what, it doesn’t work that well!

Complaints aside, this dude is pretty cool and I’m looking forward to finish my EW collection (VERY BEGRUDGINGLY), as they’re all some of the best Katoki renditions.

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