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Edit (5/7/2005): New photos! In these shots she’s soooo KAWAIIIIIIIIII!

Asuka is from the very popular manga G-Taste. The author has a certain way of depicting short, unrealistic and embarrasing situations to put his lovely characters in. Asuka is a nurse, and when she drank a gallon of milk, her doctor decided to play games with her…

Unfortunately I don’t have the name of the sculptor. The kit’s shy posture is so cute! Anatomy is quite good, G-Taste characters are a bit different from anime characters in that their proportions seems more real than anime characters and their faces are also kind of modeled after real people. The kit is quite cool, comes with quite a few options. You can build her with or without a pulled up skirt, with or without an open uniform. I chose to build the bare minimum 🙂

[Update 1/01] I’ve retaken the pictures since the previous ones makes her skin look too shiny. Now I know I should take pics on cloudy day so that light is naturally diffused.


Kit Review Seam lines: ?/5 Pinholes: ?/5 Casting: ?/5 Fit: ?/5 Part Break: ?/5 Help

Casting is fine but not great, probably due to the event-only nature of the original kit. You need to fill most of the gaps with putty to hide the seams.
BuildingAsuka is a bit of a challenge to build without her uniform. The arms are clearly in the way of painting her underwear, so I opt to paint the arms and body before assembly, but that means some puttying *after* painting, which is a bit messy. I used Liquitex modelling paste to fill the gap and worked out fine. I also tried the Mori-Mori brand polyster putty to improve part fits. What you do is smear one surface with vaseline, then on the other one with MoriMori. Then snap the two pieces in place and hold until the putty hardens in 10-20 minutes. MoriMori don’t stick to vaseline, so after sanding off the excess putty you have an almost perfect fit. Just remember to wash off the vaseline afterwards. I was using epoxy putty to do this in the past and it didn’t work as well. MoriMori is also easy to sand without being fragile.

I thought I could have her put on the optional skirt and take it off freely if I don’t glue the top and bottom halves of bodies (divided in the garter belt), but it couldn’t fit due to the left arm. Either it was designed that way, or my left arm was just a bit out of place. But I did make the nurse cap removable – as you can see in some photos. She looks cute either way, though.

I made a simple custom base for her, it’s the floor of her hospital office 🙂 It was made with 3 thick styrene sheets piled on top of each other, and scribed with a plastic scriber from Tamiya. That thing is quite powerful.

I was also wondering about the choice of pink underwear vs. white. Given the stockings were white, it’d be kinda boring if they’re also white, that’s why I did lingerie-pink with pearl coat. The underwear patterns were sculpted in, it’s not clear if that’s a good idea, as it looks like a turtle shell if you share at it long enough 🙂 I should’ve filled the depressions so that they’re shallow but barely visible. Anyway I don’t think it’s too bad.

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