Jun Kusakabe





Nonomura Hideki (?)

Jun Kusakabe is a character from the popular G-taste series. She’s a female police officer who always do the nasties with her girlfriend Kawamura Sayuri… ok that’s enough ^_^;;

In general I’m not a very big fan of G-taste figures; they are usually sculpted in weird proportions and the noses are often elongated. However Jun in this outfit is quite cool and sexy, especially when she looks like a boxer (The same reason I couldn’t resist Vanessa). The peeled off hot pants were a big plus ^o^ I think she’d look much sexier if she’s taking the pants off, and with several other mods, she’s born.

Click here for her construction feature.

To be honest, I really didn’t expect much from this kit even with my mods. When you look at the in-progress pictures, they suggested a pretty mediocre kit. However, after the color went on, she started to take life, and after I fixed her head to be tilted a little, she somehow clicked. It might be her gaze, when in a tilted position, is softer and more titillating?

Man the RSB site went to great lengths to hide the sculptor’s name ^_^;; I guestimated the name from other sculpts produced by RSB. If anyone can verify or correct me, I’d really appreciate it.

Kit Review

Seam lines: 2/5 Pinholes: 2/5 Casting: 3/5 Fit: 2/5 Part Break: 4/5 Help

This kit is casted very poorly. Huge seams and lots of pinholes! Big event-only kits are more prone to bad casting I guess. The front the pants aren’t fitting well with the back… she’s a pain to work with. 🙁



Click here for her construction feature.