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Finally done with this grail kit of mine. The WIP thread is here, and most of the explanation about the kit are in it.

Doing the kit is like a quest of sorts, since I haven’t seen this kit in color, it’s been always a dream of mine to do it.

The girls are:

Top: Rally
Second row: Lebia, Yuki
Thrid: Nami, Katsumi, Kiddy

Each girl is done with a different skintone I’ve collected over the years – may be not as faithful to the original’s “dead-people” colors, but I love healthy skins 🙂 I’ve spent waaaayyy too much time on the peripherals (base background, frame), but in the end they turned out half as good as I wanted them to, which is a minor regret. For the background, I have it a weak “pool bottom” pattern, and poured clear resin on top to create the water; however the resin levels too much (despite multiple applications) and I didn’t get much ripples. The frame I was trying to get some fancy glass with pearlescent properties, but the effect didn’t show at all. However it’s still a good transparent aqueous blue frame to go with the plaque. Of the girls, I really like Nami, Yuki, Lebia and Katsumi. Rally is cool with her lifting pose, but she seems a little rigid. I think Kiddy is a little off… and she proved to be the most difficult to get the eyes to look halfway decent.

Cod T :