Fairy 1:1

This is an ancient garage kit – one of the first that caught my eye!  This was sculpted by Cheri (a guy) who has been associated with Max Factory for a while. He is one of my top GK sculptors and he is still doing great work – like the only Lynn Minmay that I’d every buy. There had been quite a few Minmay over the years but almost all of them fail one way or another, mostly because o the face. But Cheri got it spot on!

DSC_6058 DSC_6067

Anyway back to this kit. It was one of the first GKs that I liked and bought but it had been sitting in the box for something like 20 years! But I have been having fun photographing transparent parts from GKs so I was finally motivated to get her finished. It’s a very small kit – think 1:12 scale for a figure – with the idea that she’s like a creature that is out of a butterfly cocoon. The resin yellowed after so many years, fortunately the wins were green/yellow/blue in color so that didn’t hurt. Soaked them in Future to give a brillient reflect/refraction off of the flash and gave some very beautiful shots for me. Lovely kit.DSC_6061DSC_6059 DSC_6056DSC_6052DSC_6047DSC_6071

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