Final reveal: Ryefield Model 1/35 Tiger I Late Production: s Pz. abt 505, nr. 312 at Kowel, 1944 summer.

I have painted this kit non-stop for over 2 weeks and it took it out of me. Learned A LOT and honestly I’m not sure I’m done, but I’ll let it sit a bit. 

Some highlights:

  • The Zimmerit application has massive flaws and it really affected the finish quite a bit. 
  • One of the aspects of 312 that makes it challenging are the yellow banner and the company insigna makes it a bit toy like, and in fact a toy was made specifically of this tank!! I weathered the heck out of the decals, but I can see how having these painted on may work a bit better. 
  • Speaking of weathering the decals, the edges were quite problematic, so I sanded them down a lot. It actually worked!
  • The rescue logs were tied with Uschi riggings. It is probably a bit too thin even though I used 0.03mm which is the thickest they have. I needed something to distinguish it from the tow cable, but still looks like ropes. I think it’s not bad in scale, but it could perhaps be a bit thicker. But it was a good choice in terms of making the tie down work, because the flexibility of the riggings allows it to be stretched. It also responded very well to CA glue, so making them stay put was not too bad. 
  •  Zimmerit is still very hard to weather, but I’m getting more reference materials and I think I’m starting to get a bit less stupid-looking weathering out of them. 
  • I’m getting the hang of pigment and how they work. There is a lot of pigment here and in fact they seem really good for doing edges. I’m not good with sponge chipping though.
  • I tried applying more rust this time. It isn’t very realistic but I wanted to see how it goes, and I tried adopting some of the Vimoutiers Tiger on mine to see how it works.
  • From the SMCG I learned that German antenna are tapered on top and the kit one isn’t, so I shaped it.
  • I have some real problems with the track since I didn’t properly test fit it. The idler wheels has adjustable slack but you want to set it first, otherwise what I ended up doing was to use a flat nose plier to twist the idler axle to tighten the slace, which seems really dangerous. Also with plastic tracks you don’t get a natural sag, and you have to make one. 

Overall a very enjoyable build and one that I got to test some weathering techniques on. The model is painted with Tamiya paint and rendered with oils, Ammo filters and streaking grime, plus Vallejo and Ammo pigments.


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