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近藤 貴之
G Dome

If there’s anyone who can make a cute Lilith, it’d be Kondo-san 🙂 This adorable character is from the Capcom game Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior, I’ll again leave wikipedia to describe her in more details in case you’re interested.

This kit took a long while of procrastination to finish since I’ve wanted to experiment a few new things with her. Her pose suggested the sculptor wanted to have her beckoning the viewer or something, and blowing a kiss seems logical. But her mouth wasn’t sculpted to support that. So after a bit of struggle I decided to resculpt her mouth in a blowing pose. The next thing is what is she blowing. Originally I wanted to do a Valentine motive where she blow a 3D heart object, and she’ll be surrounded by flowers. Then I was planning another kit of mermaid swimming, and wanted to do bubbles for that kit… wait, I can have Lilith blow bubbles too, and wouldn’t it be an interesting scene? So there born the concept of the scene.

Before that whole story though, I wanted to try work out some real stockings for some kit, and Lilith has a surface that doesn’t look too hard to experiment with, so I went ahead. The procedure was documented here. It was a huge hassle and I’m not sure if it’s noticeable enough to justify the time spent. Ah well, just something you’ve gotta try at least once 🙂 The main issue isn’t getting it on the kit, but that the fabrics are somewhat porous, so the glue can soak the fabric a bit. Then you’ll end up getting dust/small pieces of gunk on the surface. I think the trick is if you manage to get the fabric on, seal it immediately with a clear coat, that should prevent this from happening. Some in-progress pics from one of my previous blog posts:

Anyway back to the bubbles. They were acrylic spheres and domes from a local Tap Plastics store. They’re really cheap when they’re small, but I think the cost is probably a function of volume (amount of acrylics) and surface (amount to polish), so the cost sky-rockets as you get to bigger spheres. The biggest question is, of course, how you’d get them on. Fortunately, it seems even the thinnest brass wires can hold the largest spheres I want on her, so it’s kind of solved. The pinning is actually quite tedious as you can imagine, and the fact that I’m using very thin 0.02 brass wire means that I need to be super-careful about the tiny drill bits. After experimenting a bit I found a way to use the tiny drill bit with my Dremel. First, you’ll need an adaptor chuck that’d take the tiny drill bits. Next, there are three things that’ll break the bit – heat, jamming and twisted axle. To prevent heat from building up, I used the good’ol 5000 RPM mini-mite. I started out with the 10000 setting and it broke the bit after some time. Next, to prevent jamming, I remove all the debris left in the drill bits after each drilling, and apply vaseline to grease up the bit. Finally, the twisted axle problem is a lot of adjustments to your Dremel and chucks. Align them so that when you turn it on, you don’t see the drill bit kind of flapping around in different directions. With all that, I managed to finish the drilling breaking only one bit (when I used too high RPMs). But you sure do want to buy a case of these bits since they’re really quite fragile. Anyway, besides the work of inserting the pins, the placement was also a brain teaser. I’m not sure if I’ve done my best job on it, but at least it didn’t look too uniform, or wayyyyyy too many bubbles (although I may have overdone it somewhat). I’m also happy about how some of the pieces had occupied positions where it looks as if the bubble was floating. Yeeha.

I’ve originally wanted to make her into a Christmas mascot… with that feathery outfit that’s colored in red, she can do the job just fine. Ah well I’m only 20 days late The feathery white fluff was done with a Santa hat lining materials. Hint: buy them a couple of days after X’mas and you’ll get them for dirt cheap… I’ve done that twice now 😛 I originally wanted to do something like Angel‘s wings, but it didn’t quite work out after a messy failure. The fluffy santa lining is an extremely attractive alternative: although the fluff may be not totally in line with the character’s line art, the soft look of it makes her even cuter. Moreover it’s easier to work with, because all the fibers are already threaded on to a backing cloth, so there’s no need to create support for them. After some cutting and trimming, I sprayed some hair fixer on them to solidify the fiber threads. Otherwise, not only are they impossible to get into any sort of shape, but they seem to come off quite easily.

Alright, there you have all the gut details, I hope you’ll enjoy Lilith in her cozy bubble bath 😀 I wish I’ve made a full in-progress report, but I was having a hard time finishing her as it is 😛


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