Happy Halloween – 1/8 Horizon Alien

Never got the will to finish this kit – on of the first I’ve bought. But this year I thought I could make something for Halloween, so I dug up this  oldie and tried to finish it quick. However after finding many references, I still don’t know what to do with the guy. My memory of it is mostly brown, the movie is black, Giger’s are somewhat metallic, and I had it in metallic colors in the beginning. Not nice. Then at the end I decided to go with a more biological version of it with airbrushed veins (ballpen could work but it didn’t look natural). Also used clear resin to top its head for maximum shininess. After all it seems everyone has different interpretation of the beast, and here is mine. More images on my Smugmug gallery


  1. I have this exact same kit and it was my third purchase ever of a garagekit. It’s one of the best looking aliens in my opinion and that’s largely to do with the gnarly pose. 🙂

    Mine is still not finished, I had this whole plan of a diorama with Ripley (got them both at the same time from GEOmetric Design), but… :mrgreen:

    I like your paintjob, brown tones look nice – much nicer than I would have thought. Veining looks cool as an effect, but doesn’t feel right with a hard exoskeleton imho. Then again I can’t go purist and look at the original because it’s a black rubber suit with silver nails and teeth – quite boring. What I mean to say it’s a refreshing paint scheme you’ve chosen for your alien!

  2. Ooooh I can dig it! I remember seeing this very kit in a comic shop as a kid. This is a much nicer paint job. I like the veiny approach and the layers of brown, too many aliens look like they’re made of iron.
    Also, haven’t checked this site in years, but glad to see things are happening again here!

  3. awwesooome.
    How did you do the base?? I am currently trying to find a base for my guyver kit, and I love the way you did yours. I have no idea where to start. Any tips??

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