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Hasegawa 1/48 YF-19 (Macross Plus)

Spent about 3 weekends on this guy. Finally building a macross plane with landing gear, hehe, since this guys to a bit too large to support in free flight form. The legs/engine hatch can be opened and I built one side open and one side closed; it’s possible to close them after the fact, but you don’t really want to do it…
This time I tried to slam the wide angle lens really close to get some dramatic perspectives.
Now I’m really waiting for that 1/48 Strike Valkyie… pulllleeese Hasegawa, stop teasing us!!!

More images on smugmug.

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  • Ar....it looks freaking AWESOME!!!
    Glad to see you back to updating your blog...
    So, after this kit, what kit you are working on??

    Gosh...I am so envy of your skills :twisted:

  • Cools.....
    I am looking forward to see that. (hopefully you will post a photo here :razz: )

    Still have a few more days to go..Good luck!! :smile:

  • Alright, does this mean you're back to making kits again?! I've been such a big fan of yours, it seems like it's forever since your lastest masterpiece!

    • Well I was still building some kits in the quiet interim, just didn't have the equipment to photograph them during that time. I think I'll be posting stuff on and off whenever I find the time to work on stuff.

  • This is just mind blowing. I have been going through your blog and each of your creations, are unique. You are very talented indeed! Please keep posting.