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Macross Zero is a prequel to my long time favorite Macross, and chronicled the struggle between UN and Anti-UN force. The SV-51 belongs to the Anti-UN force, and this variation with the flamboyant patterns is piloted by ace female pilot Nora Polinsky.

The plane is inspired from Russian Sukhoi-24 line of design. It’s “ugly” when you compare with the more streamlined VF line, but I like its badass-edness! All the spikes and stablizers sticking out, combined with the flame-like yellow stripes makes for a very violent combination. Moreover, the plane is very big. It can easily be larger than the VF-1s by 50%, making it even more imposing.

Anyway, Hasegawa once again did great job on the model, with the typical crisp molding and very good part divisions. The killer task in this kit however, is decaling… many of the yellow stripes are to be applied to very curvvy areas, requiring mucho solvent to make them conform. Then there are bits of touch up necessary on panel lines after the decals are applied. It was just a lot of work, but in the end it was well worth it. I had a few mishaps though, which costed me quite a bit of time. First the spikes that are antennae at the tip of the back stablizers just would not stay on… I managed to break both of them, and had to replace them with metal pins. In retrospect, that may not be a bad thing, since it increases the realism of the model with their sharper tips. My advice: don’t remove the “runners” that are protecting these pins until you’re almost done with the model 🙂
Secondly, I managed to crack the canopy! Stupid me. Fortunately I have another SV-51 with me (D.D.’s variation), so I could replace it immediately. But man…

I also built her without armaments. I think I was influenced by some forum discussions once which said that the plane looks better without them, and I agreed. I think Nora’s flames stripes don’t blend in so well with the uniform grey color of the weapons, and also the bean-shaped missle pods didn’t match the dynamics of the plane. I’ll leave all the weapons to D.D.’s twin booster version.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since I last built a Macross plane!

One WIP that I posted a while ago, while I was decaling the stripes.

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