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Well here it is, yet another one of these articles. I hope it'll be useful. The most important tip of all is "do it yourself". Experimentation goes a long way to answering your own question such as "how much should I thin the paint", which has so many variables it's impossible to answer.

In this article I will go through the steps in finishing a complete resin kit. Please note that by no means is this a guide of any sort, there are more than one way to do anything! I like to paint my anime figures like real people, so I tend to go through a few more steps, doesn't mean you have to.

Special Feature: Building Bandai MG figures

 The Beginning 

Picking a kit

Basic tools
 Surface Preparation 

Remove surface imperfections from the kit. Usually people wash the kit first, but that's such an anticlimax... I do the kit washing after most of the preparation work so that I can clean out the dust after all the sanding.

Removing Flash

Removing Seam lines

Bathing the kit


Test fitting


Filling pinholes

While surface not perfect and you still have patience prime and fill again

Final Assembly.

Painting is quite involved and it's difficult to explain everything. I use a mixture of techniques to paint. In this part, I explain the techniques in the first few sections, and the final section shows the way I painted Misato's face, hair and legs.


Light and shadow


Hand brushing

Oil painting




Anime eyes

Back to our kit - Examples

Almost done, but some stuff can be done to improve the looks of the kit.




 Bells and Whistles 

The extra touches.

Hair/eye lashes

Custom decals - I get my decal papers from Tango papa. Don't expect the quality of the decals to be like those sold in stores though.

I'm done! Click on me to see photos of the finished kit. Get your kicks marveling at your own handy work until the next one comes along.

Acknowledgements: My knowledge is mostly from reading and seeing other people's work. Special thanks to Shep Paine, Max Watanabe, David Fisher, Jerry Buchanan, Jim O'Neil, Masaki Marler, and many people who has given comments about my work.

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