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New! Building the Hasegawa Valkyrie

Building and Weathering Mecha (Version 1.0)

After thinking about this so much I finally got down to writing. This is a very tough article to write because I don't have time to recreate all the very fine steps photos as I did in the figure tutorial, yet I still want to make this easy to follow. In the end I think a little more detail on working with oil should help a lot and so I improved upon the one I had in the figure section with a little more examples.

Anyway, like I said in the Basics section, I go over what other have said about the very obvious stuff like gluing and puttying very quickly, because they're explained elsewhere and if you're starting out, you should really buy a good book on modeling from a pro modeler/writer. I suggested a few at the beginning of the Basics section. The meat of this article focuses on what I do for weathering. I don't claim to be an expert in this area and I don't think that my works are superb; but many people wanted to know what I did so this is why this article exists.

Is "Mecha" both a singular and a plural anyway? "Mechas" sounds stupid :)


Basics (1)

Basics (2)


Panel lines/Wash



Working with artist oil

Battle damage

Armor highlights

Rain marks, oil spills and rust

Paint scratch, Sand and dust

Acknowledgements: My knowledge is mostly from reading and seeing other people's work. Special thanks to Shep Paine, Max Watanabe, and many people who has given comments about my work.

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