I love decals & marking stuff since they improve the details of the mecha.

Bandai kits usually comes with a sheet of dry-transfers and a sheet of stickers (green-backed). More traditional kits uses decals that you need water to work with.

Allow me to rant a little on the recent stupid markings put out by Bandai. Starting from the Perfect Grade RX-78, they come up with very verbose markings such as one where you have GUNDAM and below it the expanded acronym. This is like having UN tanks with the UN logo and then United Nations underneath. The point of this escapes me. Verbosity aside, the marking hurts aesthetics - a retangular block of essay written on the shoulder of a cool mecha, oh let me take a minute and read the darn thing while I get shot. In Max's PG Gundam build up he wisely disposed of the acronym expansion part. I'm also biased against the WB (White Base) logo, watching too much Merry Melodies WB will always mean Warner Bros. to me. I expect Bugs to jump out of the logo anytime. Why can't they just come up with a cool iconic logo? I guess the moral here is choose your decals wisely, don't be fooled by the "official" Bandai notations from hell.

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