Rei Ayanami in swimsuit





Hiroki Katayama



Ayanami taking off her shorts… this is one of the “I’ve got to have it” purchase. Hiroki always makes a pair – so this kit is set with Asuka taking off her shirt.

Kit Review Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes:5/5 Casting 5/5 Fit: 5/5 Part Break: 4/5 Help

The kit is pretty well cast – minor seam lines and virtually no pinholes. The main difficulty I have is removing the seam lines running alongside the armpits, as the arms and the body is one piece of resin. The blue acrylic disc base is a nice touch. Part fits are excellent. Half of the shorts is cast with the leg… I wish they cast it separate from the body which would make things easier.
BuildingI built this kit after Asuka; I thought I could breeze through this kit too but was I wrong. The seam lines are more difficult to remove and there are more concave surfaces which makes painting more difficult. Then there’s the strips on the bikini top piece… I didn’t want to go with the strips, but I couldn’t come up with a decent scheme, and I also think strips works quite well to show the curves. I did ok on them but I think I cut the masking tapes too thin, resulting in really thin and uneven patterns. I also peeled off quite a bit of paint when I peel off the tapes too… pain. As usual I finished with oil paint on the skin, and this time I’ve got the shading in the cleavage area just right, resulting in a happy Cody! I also use the technique on the Nuku Nuku kit. Sukebe šŸ™‚ I also added some shadow in the lower lip area… I think it looks more cute this way.Several medium accidents during the build. First I peeled off some paint during unmasking underneath the right armpit which took several hours to fix – must be due to the fact that the protective coat I sprayed earlier didn’t cover the area. Also the strong tack masking tape I use to mask the join area for the right leg must have left residue on the surface… the right leg came off a day later! More headache and fixing, as paint came off when I try to glue the leg back.The eyes posed a little bit of problem as the original right eye sculpted into the kit is a little bit off and needed more whites. Otherwise I’m quite happy with the way the kit turned out. This took about 60 hours.

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