Wet Najica! (Hiragi Najica from “Najica Blitz Tactics”)





Yushihito Sato

Almost finished her before 2007 but was foiled by the base 🙂

Najica Dengeki Sakusen (or Najica Blitz Tactics) is a fun little series famous for its insane amount of panty shots. I’ll just let this Wikipedia article explain the rest… This Najica’s commando outfit is from the final episodes. I forgot what it’s about, but I’m creating a scene where she swims to the enemy base and just emerged from water, dripping all over the floor.

The pose is somewhat enigmatic, I think she’s got her suit ripped during fights and she’s trying to cover that area with her left hand. It’s not so obvious in the original kit I thought. Anyway the one mod I did is as usual create real suit straps that suspends, instead of adhereing to body, like I did for Mai and Mina. I hope this made the ripped strap more obvious. Then I spent an afternoon and evening applying the drips 😀 She’s more wet and has more body surface than my wet Rei, so it took longer as well. I also thought about adding some effect of dripping onto the floor, otherwise it’s a bit odd that she’s so drenched and the floor isn’t “responding” to the dripping. The cast bullet casings were made with brass rods as usual, but the tubing cutter helped a lot in engraving the casing details.

I’m kinda glad that I bought the second flash, as capturing the droplets wasn’t such a chore. Check out the close ups, they’re pretty wet 😀


Kit Review
Seam lines: 5/5 Pinholes: 5/5 Casting: 5/5 Fit: 3/5 Part Break: 5/5 Help





  1. As always, a truly well done job! You are the master 😀

    Water effect on the body and floor looks like the real thing. If falling droplets could be suspended on the air, it will look like perfect snapshot action scene :p

    Strap mod also gives more “body” to the figure 😉

    Keep up the good work!

    PS: My first comment here! But I’ve been reading and learning from you very long ago, hehe. I’m Spanish, sorry for my English >_

  2. I’ve been going to your site for quite awhile, just checking up on updates of model kits. Just great work all around.

  3. Wet Najica is unbelievably awesome! I’ve never left a comment before but this wet lady is incredible. Have some kits coming but never done anything before. Gotta learn to be a hundredth as good as this!

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