Rei Ayanami Wet Version


Conversion/Hiroki Katayama

Aa! Another one of Katayama-san’s beautifully sculpted Eva figure that captures the timid character of Rei so nicely. Katayama-san modified his sculpt from an earlier event-only kit which featured Rei in a vertical kneeling pose flipping her wet T-shirt. The wide release version has her slighly off-balance and more timid rather than blantantly exposing herself like the earlier version. Though interested, I wasn’t planning on buying the kit until I came up with the conversion ideas implemented here, more than 1.5 years after their incubation ^_^;; I often feel like the navel is an area that is often omitted by people, so I’ve gotta do about it 😛 I also have a few new painting ideas I wanted to try out, so here comes the last kit of 2002.

[Update 1/6/03] Better pictures of her. The droplets are small and their reflections are even smaller, so even though I have pretty good lighting this time, when I shrink the pictures and applied the usual level of jpeg compression, the droplets disappeared. Therefore the pictures this time are larger and has less compression, hence longer load time. Her right index finger was a little awkward so I smoothed it a little.




Kit Review

Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes: 5/5 Casting: 5/5 Fit: 4/5 Part Break: 5/5 Help

Excellent quality as always from Kurushima. The only slight fit problem is the front hair piece which left big visible gaps when attached to the back. In any case, I did a lot of changes on the kit so the quality is more or less a moot point.


Detail build-up are described in the Making of Rei article.

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  1. Absolutely amazing!
    That is some serious talent.. I’m good with my hands but I’m not artistic like this..
    I’m so damn jealous I could die..
    I would love to own this beauty.. 😀

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