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A kit I tried motivating myself to finish by Christmas but wasn’t remotely successful. But at least I could get her finished now without procastinating further 😉 Got enough of a push to finish up after figuring out I did have more than 10 0.02 drill bits for the bubbles’ brass pins, I present to you Lilith in Bubbles~~~~

This kit surely looks like a mess in thumbnails 😀 By the way I mentioned I was working out a scheme for a mermaid kit in the write up… if anyone has an Ariel to dispose of, let me know 🙂

And OMG I built about 6-7 kits last year, but already 3 kits in the first week of 2007? What’s up with that

Edit 01/17: I’ve retaken the pics… boy I wish I don’t have to do that all the time 🙁 The bubbles caught reflections from the light sources, so anything weird will show up. On the left below is the old one; I was using a soft lighting setup with the flash shooting into an umbrella and away from the kit, which gives nice soft lighting, but then you see the shadow of the flash in the middle of the light ring (the light patch at center of the pic, slightly to the right). That can’t be good. So instead I change the flash to shoot into the umbrella at Lilith, which gives a better reflection (diffused circle) on the right pic below… if you look carefully you can see the arms of the umbrella

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