Naru Narusegawa





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Naru in her very sexy leaf bikini is sculpted by one of my favorite sculptor Cheri. So kawaii! I was trying to get her more tanned than Yurika and it took more than a few iterations to get it right – to tan a fair-skinned girl is very different from merely applying a darkened version of the skintone. It was an interesting challenge.

Kit Review Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes: 5/5 Casting: 5/5 Fit: 5/5 Part Break: 3/5 Help

This kit has a few special things going for it. Like all Cheri kits they’re all diced up into a gazillion parts, and Naru is no exception. Her hair alone is composed of 6 interlocking pieces, very much like a puzzle. This makes her hair very 3-dimensional. There are also optional parts such as her denim shorts, unfortunately due to the little ends of the leaft bikini, it’s quite a lot of work to make the shorts interchangable. Some parts have very little contact surfaces such as the pink shirt and the various parts of the leaf bikini, but they all hold on pretty well.
Both of the arms were cut off in the middle, and are about the only abominations during surface preparation.
BuildingTo mix the tanned color I initially tried to add brown to the mixture, but it turned out it has too much blue in it and turned into a very stale skintone. In the end I started mixing orange into the skintone and then slowly added blue, the result was a more vibrant tan. The shadow color of this tan however was also quite troublesome to mix, with similar problem of being too blue.

The base is yet another beach, but I think I got it this time, using a celluclay base I sprinkled baby powder on top and then applied sand base color with some drybrushed titanium white and a little bit of shadow. I also improvised Tama-chan the turtle since the base was somewhat bare.

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