Making of Tsuruko Aoyama

Copyright (C) Cody Kwok

I’m not very fond of the pose of this Musashiya Tsuruko. She looks like Macross (the spaceship ^_^) in batteroid mode with her two arms like that… bizzare and rigid. Another thing is her backside is hidden under her hair and gown – totally wasted.
Here’s the mock up of the pose changes. The gown was super heated so that it can bend like that, and the hair doesn’t fit so it’s left out. She’ll extend her left arm out in a beckoning gesture, and her gown will fly up to reveal her backside. The main work in this conversion is to change the shoulders and fill in the missing left gown arm
The hair was pretty bad in the original kit; it’s a slab of chopsticks put together. To make it flow and fit with my pose change, I chopped up the piece into 3 pieces and reassembled them into a curvature, using Magic Sculp to fill in the missing areas. However the are some rigid angles at the recreated junctions, and later I had to smooth out the curves with more putty.
I like midiffs, so when it’s somewhat sucky like the original kit’s (left), with a silly “duct” running down, it’s got to be fixed. On the right I have deepened the navel, widened and leveled the duct to create more natural surfaces.
The right shoulder was sawed off and reattached in the new angle, then filled with Magic Sculp. The left was completely resculped; it’s more difficult than the right because the gown around that area were also new. There’s a flaw in the bandaged “bra”, namely it should be taut and not follow the breast curves like that. However the breasts were too far away to be wrapped tight, so simply filling the bandages wouldn’t look very good. Adding to my liking of the more prominent curves, I decided to let this one go.
The left arm. The two domes were the original attaching points for the left gown arm; they were removed eventually, of course, and replaced with new gown wrinkles.
Money shot! The way I flipped the gown up created a very deep groove in the gown waist area. I removed the groove and replaced with a more level area. Another change is the back neck area (below). It was a fold created by a droopy gown in the original pose, but here it interfered with the hair, so I cut the area off and leveled it.
The finished version is here.