Tsuruko Aoyama – Love Hina – 1/6 resin figure

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Scale 1/6 Sculptor ???? Maker Musashiya

Completed 1/2/03

Parts 11 Retail 12000yen

The traditional Japanese bandage underwear is the sexiest thing on the planet ^_^ After Tsuruko appeared in Love Hina Again, there had already been 3 kits of her with the same outfit. The best one is by WooD, holding a tub; another one is a pretty detailess sculpt with her sword held about her head. This one by Musashiya is the latest by a new Musashiya sculptor Kouno-san. It’s not bad but has many issues. In the end I decided to change her pose to make it more dynamic. More in Making of Tsuruko.

Kit Review Seam lines: 4/5 Pinholes: 4/5 Casting: 4/5 Fit: 4/5 Part Break: 5/5 Help After suffering through many bad casts by Musashiya in the past, this kit is pretty well-casted. There were only a few pinholes scattered across the different parts. I’m not very fond of the pose though. She looks like Macross (the spaceship ^_^) in batteroid mode with her two arms like that… bizzare and rigid. Another thing is her backside was hidden under her hair and gown – totally wasted. Therefore my changes to the kit were focused on these two areas. There’s also a flaw in the bandaged “bra”, namely it should be taut and not follow the breast curves like that. However the breasts were too far apart to be wrapped tight, so simply filling the bandages wouldn’t look very good. Adding to my liking of the more prominent curves, I decided to let this one go.
BuildingIn Making of Tsuruko.

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