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This was a really exciting kit back when it was released – started the RE line with a BOOM! The sheer size of the beast was impressive. But the kit has much space for improvements and various people had done detailed ups and conversions for it. I modified it using a combination of suggestions from Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby’s build ups. I’m not much of a modder but this kit demands it.

The “wings” or binders are enlarged and sharpened to have pointed edges using Apoxie sculpt.

The funnel bits are extended using brass pipes.

The leg armors are reshaped to give give more spread to the legs.

The regrettable thing with this kit are the decals, which were stickers. I made the best of it. Then I added a ton of other decals from other kits. The kit is relatively simple so it could use a bit more details. The head and “crown” were also reshaped.

The fuel tanks’s connection to the back are adjusted so that they are lifted upwards. 

The angle of the binders are changed. Previously the binders are laying flat, but lifting them upwards and backwards definitely improved the menace factor. 
The groin part was beefed up in volume. Oh and the chest as well, protruding further.

I love it! It’s one big meanie. How it lost to Hi-nu Gundam is beyond me 🙂


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