1/6 Reflect Cammy Delta Red diorama resin figure part 7 (final)

Finally finished up the rest of the detailing for her. I made some last ditch effort to shorten her beret and see if I could have her hold it, but it just didn’t look as good if she didn’t. Ah well. At least I think I managed to put it together with the boots without making the trio look too crowded.

Boy she’s another kit that felt like it takes forever~~~~

For Cammy I made a few choices I don’t usually make, like having her eyes staring straight. Usually I find eyes staring sideways give the figure more intensity; but in this case, I’d like the figure to be viewable from both the front and the back, so I had to compromise by the middle stare.

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Some stuff I didn’t mention during the WIP… Her hair pieces are cast in clear resin which is nice, but is rather hard to take advantage of. In fact I wish there weren’t in clear so that I didn’t have to pressure myself to make the braids transparent :mrgreen: Anyway I learned lessons such as “don’t do a wash on clear parts with oil” and “don’t do a wash on clear parts with regularly thinned clear paint” 😛 I eventually washed them with very thin clear, otherwise the pieces will look a bit dirty. After a thin layer of base color with drybrushed interference gold, I think I managed to preserver a little bit of the translucency of the braids.

Although I didn’t use the blonde eyebrows I bought for her eyebrows, I found them extremely good as stray hair 🙂 The single bang she had is a bit weird on a real type figure; it might have worked better in her Shadowloo uniform because of the cap? Anyway may be I should’ve installed a second stray bang that’s usually visible in her character pics, but I think the stray hair works ok in making the bang less weird. As to why I didn’t use blond eyebrows… they’re actually quite hard to spot, and may end up making her look eyebrowless :mrgreen: