Ryujin G-Port Machine Robo Ginrei in black swimsuit resin figure 1/7

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Ryujin 竜人



Ryu-jin is turning into one of my favorite sculptors and this kit shows why. The curves of Ginrei are all very well done, and the kit looks great from many angles.

This kit is a modified version of Ryujin’s earlier work, and this time he sold it through his own company Ryu-NS. One of the main modification he mentioned was the reduced breast size… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Kit Review Seam lines: 5/5 Pinholes: 5/5 Casting: 5/5 Fit: 5/5 Part Break: 4/5 Help

This kit is one of the best cast kit I’ve seen. The part fit was excellent, and everything just snaps into the right places. The only putty work required is at the sideburns.
BuildingEven though the black color looks all black in the pictures, there are in fact shading in those areas. I use Gunze’s Navy Blue (#14) for highlights, Midnight blue (#71) for mid tone and flat black (#33) for shadows, which results in a very soft black all the way. I almost always use midnight blue for black nowadays, it’s really a great black undercoat.The skin tone is almost all airbrushed in this time, except for small fixes. I think the best thing I did was a deep skin tone wash around the edges of clothing and most importantly, the cleavage. It looks ok without it, but it looks 10x better with the wash.When I finish most of my backlogs I need to put her in a beach diorama like Shiori‘s.

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  1. Hi cody !
    First of all i must say that i love your website, your “style”, your figures ! Dammit, if i got money i would have buy all your figures ! :mrgreen:

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