Akira from Viper V6


岩橋 ?



Sogna (Sonia) is a game company that makes a series of animated H games, and Viper V16 features the adventure of 3 waitresses, and Akira is the main character.

I really don’t know why I wanted this kit so much, perhaps it’s because I’ve played the game? I still can’t believe I traded a beautiful Belldandy for her, but then, you probably can’t do transparent panties with Bell-chan 🙂

Kit Review Seam lines: ?/5 Pinholes: ?/5 Casting: ?/5 Fit: ?/5 Part Break: ?/5 Help

There are lots of little parts for the tray and ribbons. The pieces don’t have much pinholes, but there’s a bad mold offset in the lower body (the lower body & legs are cast in one piece), and it’s a bit difficult to get rid of. The irises and pupil are sculpted in, but the irises are really big, and I think she has the bigzzest eyes among all of my kits :)One thing I have quibble with is her inner skirt; it is only sculpted on one side, so it looks blank on the inner side.

BuildingPainting her is quite fun, but is also quite frustrating. I never liked masking, but I couldn’t do without on this kit. The corset was hand-painted initially, and later airbrushed on. Unfortunately some spray got on the shirt due to the lack of masking, so…I really question the wisdom of shading white with light blue, but it seems to work on her… afterall transparent white can only get you so far 🙂 I used the trasparent panties technique similar to Moe‘s, but since Akira’s panties were rather plain, I masked the outline of it (so that it’ll be stark white) and then do the transparent effect. I like how it turned out, but I wish I cut thinner masking strips, since the current outline seems a little thick.

I learnt about Gunze’s super silver, which is airbrush only, so before I try it on the Cat kit, I tested it out on Akira’s tray. It’s pretty good! Of course it won’t compare with Mr. Metal color, but it works perfect for her tray. I also wish they cast the glass in clear resin, I don’t see glass like this tinted too much. What I eventually did was paint orange (for orange juice) on the outside, and then covers the glass with clear blue, so that it looks like something is inside this transparent blue glass… didn’t suck too bad.

As for her big eyes, I had quite a bit of trouble getting it look halfway decent. No wonder the buildup on the box looked kinda scary! There are too little eye white. Also the pupil is a depression, and it looks weird at some angles & reflection, so I eventually “seal” the eyes with clear epoxy putty, which kinda levels off all the edges. The other time I did that was for Nanami.

I bought that thing beside the figure in a secondhand shop. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to go with the figure quite well, may be act as a small open cabinet, or a stool?