Bloody Marie



Even though this is one of my earliest figure kits, I still think it is one of my most beloved. The kit has so many facets – with the cape she’s very cool, stringing it back after having her enemy slain; without the cape she’s very shapely… let’s just leave it at that. The kit looks great on many angels – both the front and the back can be displayed on its own. These kind of sculpts are the best sculpts. A base with a slain monster is included too! Did I mention the sword is cast in white metal? All for the price of just $31!

[Update] The piece can be had cheaper recently. Anyway, she is actually from an original drawing by Luis Royo, who is a great fantasy artist (thanks to Jack who pointed it out.) This particular piece was called “Seeds of Nothing”, which depicts the characters’s back facing the viewer, standing amongst a sea of corpses, with 2 slash wounds on her. The angle is similar to the lower right picture. I really like the piece, and she looks very cool! This also explains why the backside of this figure is much better sculpted than the front side. I now like the figure with the cape better too.

Kit Review Seam lines: ?/5 Pinholes: ?/5 Casting: ?/5 Fit: ?/5 Part Break: ?/5 Help

Parts: Right arm with glove, left hand, body, left & right feet, base, top & bottom cape, sword (white metal).This is a vinyl kit. All the divisions are at clothing parting line so no major work is needed. Almost no surface preparation is needed. Wonderful kit!

BuildingI decided to allow the cape to be taken on and off from Marie. It’s silly but I put the cape in place with silly putty. To give the kit weight I filled the base with plaster. I also filled the feet with epoxy putty so that she can be put onto the base securely.

Painting – I used a rather dark flesh tone for Marie and it works pretty well. I spent a lot of time on oil to give her the right shades. The cape is nicely textured so it’s heaven for drybrushing. The base has a horned humanoid monster (I think it’s Gardin, a monster in the same series) which has his eye rolled out… fun to paint 🙂 The sword is paint in Rustoleum Chrome silver. In retrospect I wish I didn’t paint it and just polish it so that it’s more realistic.

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