Steam Detectives Ling-ling and Ran-ran 1/8

Another kit that took more than 10 years in the making… haha. Steam Detectives wasn’t a popular manga, but out of the illustrations came the two pro/antagonist assitant nurses in lingerie, yay.

I love the original kits because they’re so unique, but I’ve always felt they don’t look good as individual kits, nor do they have that “wow” factor. Eventually I decided to put them together, but they weren’t meant to be, therefore a lot of planning and trial and error was necessary. This went on and off for years… Lately I’ve decided to try netted stockings on them. The effect have been done on a lot of kits, but they all have the same flaw: we’re basically wrapping a piece of cloth/netting around the leg, and there has to be a junction where the two ends meet, which are often ugly seams. Since the steam detective girls are lying down, the seams can be hidden very well, so I went ahead.

The base is one of the biggest I’ve done, with a 14×8 sq. in. elliptical, with underlying cotton balls to “immerse” the girl’s uniforms into the royal purple groundwork. I’m not totally happy about the choice of the reflective purple since it competes with the other elements of the kits, but that’s the most fitting given the choices I had.

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  1. Awesome post! I myself am a hentai lover and I love all those sexy girls, so kudos to our fetish 😀 Keep up the great work and I’m bookmarking your awesome site coz I just love great content. Cheers!

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