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I’ve spent most of the weekend resculpting Reflect’s Cammy. Here’re a couple of original buildups of her:

This famous sculpt is great, except I’m not a fan of her Nazi uniform, so I’m changing her to adorn her original Delta Red outfit. In addition, she’s done with a fight and relaxing a bit, so she’s taken off her boots (will be on the floor) and the red beret (will be held in her right hand). I was actually quite nervous when I was doing the resculpt, since I’m nowhere close to Yoshizawa’s sculpting skills. Her twisty right leg was tricky, with the boots it didn’t look too bent, but without it I had some trouble making it look right. Her shoulders were also quite hard for me since I had to completely resculpt them, because the original kit had them padded with armor. I’ve only done the right shoulder so far. Actually I haven’t really spent too much time on the left side of her body/arm. The 6-7 round of sanding, shaping and priming for her right side was torturous…

And while we’re at it, I’ve reshot the Yukishiro Cammy‘s pics. I wasn’t able to get a satisfactory set before, but with the second flash she came out a lot more defined.

Cod T :