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I had my doubts after Volk’s KOG debut in the injection kit arena, but with the advent of 3D designs they have gotten it right with the IMS line of kits. To be honest I haven’t followed the scene for a long time (stopped buying hobby magazines ages ago) so I didn’t know what these IMS boxes were about! They’re rather expensive for injection kits, but still cheaper than resin and the details rivals or exceed the quality of their resin counter parts. Dunno why but I always like injection kits more than resin?

The Vatshu was very well-made and is lightyears beyond the Wave kits. More impressively they’re pretty close to Bandai in terms of color-separating the parts that need different colors and I didn’t need to do much (or any?) masking… the Bang Doll released before this required more. The joints are strong but FSS kits are just harder to balance and pose in general due to the design.

I like this Decors Weissmel version of Vatshu with heavy armor… it looks really awesome and detailed with the layering. The build was rather straightforward, and I used the Volk’s suggested black + purple pearl coat method for the armor. The shoulder discs however were done with Alclad chrome with clear red on top . I opted to pin the swords and use one of those Bandai action bases to support the kit… I thought about making a diorama base for the kit but got distracted 🙂





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