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I like heavily armored kits and the Messiah fits the bill. There are so many missiles and hatches that made the not-awesome VF-25 battroid bearable.

The kit looks good mainly from the front, but the huge backpack is extended way back, which looks clumsy. This kit is a bit old I guess, since the color separation isn’t perfect – the missiles are molded in one piece which requires you do paint quite a bit… the plate that holds the missile has one color, the missiles themselves have white bodies and red tips. There are a lot of decals, but you’re better off painting a lot of those details since the decals don’t conform to curvy surfaces well even with different brands of decal softeners. Perhaps the “Future” approach of doing them would work since it’s the ultimate technique, but I’m a bit scared to try something that seems quite irreversible 🙂

Ozma’s ride has one of the cooler head designs in the Macross universe and that’s the only reason why I wanted to build this kit in battroid form. The form does not offer the most extensive view of all the missiles in its arsenal because the backpack’s missiles are invisible. Also the nuclear missiles are stuck at the back which made it pointless to attach. The gerwalk is a much better mode for this and I’ll build the Alto version for that.

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