M4A3 75mm Sherman from 6th Tank Battalion at Naha Airfield, Okinawa, April 1945

This M4A3 Sherman (build log) from the Company HQ, 6th Tank Battalion is rendered from a few reference photos of Shermans stationed around Naha Airfield after its capture in April 1945. The Battle of Okinawa was one of the bloodiest in the Pacific Theatre and many Shermans were knocked out by ferocious infantry that were… Continue reading M4A3 75mm Sherman from 6th Tank Battalion at Naha Airfield, Okinawa, April 1945

Meng TS-043 (76) W Sherman

The whitewashed Thunderbolt VI cover of Meng’s new Sherman kit got me interested. Ammo’s Sherman book has a color plate but I dunno where the author got his references from. Photos of finished work. Tracks are typically the most painful and Meng’s offerings were some of the worst in terms work required. This time they… Continue reading Meng TS-043 (76) W Sherman

Befehlspanther G, Academy 13523

This was the finished Academy Panther G which I earlier reviewed. I built this from a Panzer Aces II profile and located the associated wreck of a Befehlspanther. Used parts for the command antenna from the Meng Panther A kit.

Academy Panther G

Introduction (This kit was done for an Armorama review in September 2019)The Ausf G was the last production version of the Panther. Production began around March 1944 until April 1945, with about 3885 produced making it the most numerous of the Panthers. This particular kit depicts the final production model, with a number of features… Continue reading Academy Panther G

Takom Maus V2 1/35

This is Takom’s Maus V2 and I followed the excellent research by Christos (Thanks!) to finish the kit as the initial rollout V2 with lightened road wheels. There are a few references with it having both antenna up, so I scavenged my parts box and found a couple of Dragon ones I could use. When I… Continue reading Takom Maus V2 1/35