Dusty Cammy


I picked some stone shards from the neighborhood and sifted through to get the right sized debris for the ground work. I created the dust “splash” with celluclay originally, but it has its limitations and the outcome looks like peeled banana skin 🙂 Then I plastered some Mori2 on top to create more spikes, which works better but still not convincing. I think putting on some grey-dyed cotton would do the trick, but since I don’t have any, I decided to look into what the vaccum cleaner can offer in terms of dust 😀 It’s actually very convincing, with the carpet fiber mixed with with pieces of larger “debris”, with one issue – hair :green:. I had to pull a lot of hair out of these clumps of dust balls since they give the whole thing away 😛 Then spray on some light mist of greys and it’s done. The final version should look better when the greys are not all mushed up.

Still a number of final touch ups to go, hang on and don’t go work on those Gunpla now Cody :green:


  1. She’s looking awesome, although the vacuum cleaner-material for the base sounds highly gross 🙂 I must admit that the dust does the trick, though!

  2. The pics are dark but damn, she looks wonderful!I’m looking forward to the beauty shots:mrgreen:

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