Ace Combat 1/72 F2A Kei Nagase

From the game Ace Combat 7 Hasegawa offers this limited edition F2A, which I believe to be a Mitsubishi custom of the F16, with a special skin illustrated wit the pilot Kei Nagase in swimsuit. The worst part of the kit is the lack of a pilot figure – if you offer a stand, it means you intend the model to be displayable inflight, then what’s with the missing pilot?? Shelling out another $8 or so for Hasegawa’s 1/72 pilot collection is my solution. Other than that the kit is relatively easy to build, with the swarth of decals being the main work and the weapons requires sanding of the halves. 

Haven’t updated the blog for a while I’ve been switching focus to learning more about weathering armor. I’ve been spending the past couple of years finishing my stash of sci-fi subjects, which while I haven’t completely cleared out was making good progress. Bandai releases has been mainly focused on their Builders line which did nothing for me, and 2018/2019 is probably going to be a quiet Gundam year. Anyhoo, I’m still working on kits but haven’t been terribly motivated to upload my work.


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