Adventures in casting

I’ve been inspired by the Meka Mania’s mod of the 1/24 scopedogs. In fact I was quite curious where his nice fists came from… and after getting the older Takara + resin release from Y!JP auction the puzzle was solved! They were the superior sculpts by Nomoto before they were replaced by the Wave junk injection fists. However since I only have a pair of them and 5 Scopedogs to feed, I needed to cast copies of them. 

Another need I have is making copies of modified parts. I reduced the circular bulges around the elbows and thinned the forearms, but after working on 4 of those it’s pretty clear that making another 12 of them isn’t fun; it’s quite boring and involves a huge amount of sanding. With that in mind I decided to do some resin casting.

I did that a long time ago (6-7 years?) with the Astray Red, also casting fists. Back then I used the Smooth-on line of products, but unbeknownst to be they have very limited shelf life, in fact you’d be lucky to get half a year out of them. The silicone rubber were long unpourable, the only question was whether the resin could last much longer. 

I made the molds using OOMOO 30 and it worked quite decently. My first molds were failures due to improper venting, but after studying more molds I got workable ones. OOMOO molds are lavender colored as shown above.

Alas, the resin didn’t last. It cured into a gooey mess, so I had to get new ones. I used Smoothcast 300. In retrospect perhaps a resin with longer pot life is better, since the liquid didn’t quite flow into the nooks and crannies well after a couple of minutes, leading to missing chunks in the cast. Venting ducts in the mold helps a lot of course.

Anyway after a bit of work I got the pieces cast, so I’ll continue with my Sunsa squad!

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