Almost Four!

I can’t believe I left the CF card at work, so I can’t take pics of Four after just finishing her now 🙁 She’s one of those kits that I say “I’ll finish her today” for a couple of weeks now 😀

Thanks to Masa’s suggestion I removed the green sheet that has pretty bad color collision with the purple-themed components in the scene. It’s been replaced with a blue sheet, which indeed blends in better.

I’ve also thought very hard about her stockings. Although it’s a pretty neat idea, there are some difficult issues I don’t have ways to deal yet. For instance the fabric tends to trap dirt, which is pretty hard to remove; the seams could also flay a bit, and threads would come out. Adding to the fact that it doesn’t look as good on Four’s smaller scale (1/7) than on Lilith’s larger (1/5.5-ish) scale, the benefits seem to not worth the trouble, so I decided to strip them off and paint them instead. It was hard since I spent so much time getting them on in the first place, but sometimes you’ve gotta cut your losses… 🙁

Anyway here’s a snap shot a few days ago, when I was testing the blue fabric, and when I was just done with the stockings.