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近藤 貴之
Apple Pie



About Oni Coach the game:
Oni Coach is yet another H-game among the sea of such. It is released in April 1999 by Apple Pie. This link takes you directly to the game’s info page. While I can figure out a little info from the web site, I do not own the game and I don’t know where to get it, but if you do a web search on “oni-coach” you may find an importer that sells it.

The game is about the rivalry between a brother and sister: Oniyama Goukin, the brother and the head coach of Team Alpha (written as Alfa most of the time), and Oniyama Misu, the sister and head coach of Team Omega. Each team has five members, each with different colors and “physical attributes” ^_^;;; In the game I think you’re supposed to be Goukin and the Alfa girls are under your training. The game play seems to be part simulation, (i.e. “raising girls” to improve their abilities), part roller track racing and part adventure (i.e. click, click, select, click…). This game is not popular in Japan, but Kondou-san has sculpted 4 wonderful figures for it. It’s more like 3.5 for me since I don’t like the original sculpt of Mary, but the modified version is ok. I think these figures are ultra cute and their uniform design is ummmm… novel. Such space-age costumes allows me to go wild with them. I followed the character arts pretty faithfully except I don’t really like the numbers on their butts. Hope you’ll enjoy these figures as much as I enjoyed making them.

Aida Blanca is the white gear in this game. This cute 75-65-80 girl is from Northern Europe, and although she’s only 1x years old and the youngest in the race, she has an IQ over 300. Her motivation for entering the race was unknown, she could be sent by a secret society to steal coaching techniques.

I originally thought she’s cute, but wasn’t special enough to warrant a purchase. Later when I saw Aida’s paint scheme on Apple Pie’s web site, I realize that no one has painted her in the white scheme yet – Kondou-san has her in a scheme similar to Yun’s. Understandable, because she won’t look good with white all over, including hair. But that’s a real challenge! How do you like my white scheme?

Oh, and she’s supposed to have a small bust size. Yeah right. It’s smaller compared with Jun and Yun, but not to normal people!

Kit Review Seam lines: 3/5 Pinholes: 4/5 Casting: 3/5 Fit: 3/5 Part Break: 5/5 Help

Overall good kit with surprisingly few pinholes. The biggest compaint is the junction between her right hip-thigh piece and her body. The bikini bottom is part of the body, but the areas on the sides are very thin, and bits and pieces was broken dring shipment. Therefore I had to do extra work to recreate those areas. There are also a couple of very deep seam lines.
BuildingFor the thigh problem mentioned above, I again chose to do it post-painting. In previous kits I fixed the problem before painting, but the putty in those areas are so thin, eventually some rough handling will cause the putty work to break. Therefore it makes more sense to do it after painting – true it sucks to do all those painting all over again after you mess it up with the putty work, but I prefer that over breaking the puttied areas constantly and getting frustrated..I used 3 different kinds of colors for white areas – actually, one wasn’t even a white. For her hair I used white shaded with some IJA color (which matches her character art), and then top coat with a mixture of white pearl and interference blue. This gives her a nice pearl-colored hair with light blue highlight. Her body suit is done with a white base coat and the IJA color again for shading, with some blue-gray wash. Then the color is overcoated with a Maziora color Alpine pink-green, which gives a pink base color but will change to green viewing the highlights. The pink is very weak, so it’s hardly noticable at all – doesn’t change the white nature of her suit, yet enough to spice up the color mix – great for Aida-chan! Finally a few other white spots are white with just pearl. I think everything works out quite nicely.I also use styrene sheets to make stray hair for her pony tails and side burns. Ran out of brass sheets and too lazy to get new ones 🙂 They work really good and are less suspectible to the deformation problems of brass, but they also break easier. I had to glued the stray hair on before painting, but the problem came when I painte her pony tail first and then try to mask it in order to paint the red orbs attached to the hair. The masking process damages a few strands of hair. Good thing I have a few more attached.I used Satoshi Urushihara (U-jin) style eyes; if she’s gonna have such big eyes it shold be more detailed, and U-jin’s eyes are the best. This time I’m really careful in ordering the paint sequence, so the eyes were painted rather painlessly and looks “clean”. Finally, team members has the logo painted on their chest, and I painted the logo version that has the omega symbol on top of the OMEGA letters (unlike Yun, which has the symbol and letters crossing each other) Too bad her cutie pose of the left hand obscures most of that work.

I mounted her on a wooden plaque to contrast her white suit. This is the first time I print decals with the white and gold ribbons, they’re really nice! Wish I had done that sooner.It seems like Kondou-san saved some work by reusing parts. Can you see where Blanca and Yun are identical (except the skates of course)?

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  1. I just found out about you last night and I’m immediately amazed by all of your work especially on the skin tones (I still have serious problem in skin tone) may I ask what color you use for the very deepp shadow part? And what color you use for wash on let’s say the belly button or armpit line? Is it burnt uumber? Burnt sienna? Please advice

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