Jun Aoba



近藤 貴之
Apple Pie



Kondou-san is really turning into a fine sculptor – his previous work were good but reccent ones are outstanding. His figures’ faces couldn’t be cuter, and his 3D renditions are much more kawaii than the line art.

Kit Review Seam lines: 3/5 Pinholes: 2/5 Casting: 3/5 Fit: 3/5 Part Break: 3/5 Help

This kit has a few more pinholes than I’d like, and suffers in the fit department somewhat. If you’re not anal-retentive about gaps like I am it isn’t so much of a problem, but this kit has them. Also the left arm-head/hair-body assembly requires a lot of test fitting if you want them to be touching naturally to each other. The concave area in the hair is supposed to fit the dent that’s her left breast, but it doesn’t do it well, and I had to heat the resin and bend it into shape. The same goes for the left arm – I had to bend the arm more so that her hand will rest naturally on the floor. I wish they’ve broken the body into two pieces instead of one, right now it’s just a lot of work to do masking.
BuildingThe one thing I remember well about this kit is the amount of work spent in masking – I think I spent about 2 hours just doing that. I used the 3M blue tape diced up to do most of the masking. The sawtooth sock area looks a bit intimidating at first, but it was actually pretty easy with tiny bits of tape.Blue is the prevailing color for Jun, to liven things up I use a few different blue mixtures. The main uniform is blue with interference green (hence the green highlights) similar to my Shiki, but was given a gloss over coat. Initially I only did that because I needed to apply the Team Alpha logo on her uniform, but then I found that Gunze’s super clear gloss wasn’t glossy like Future Floor Wax, so it actually gave a nice satin-like surface. The ankle guard was the basic blue with white pearl on top. The skates’s blue is clear blue on top of silver, gives a metallic look. And her hair has a purpleish blue and was highlighted with interference blue. It’d be cool to have red or violet highlights, unfortunately the uninterfered color doesn’t really work with the basecoat.Her original uniform has her skates as white, but I thought I’d give it some variation with silver skates, and almost all the whites are coated with pearl. I also made her a Team Alpha decal (see the right), but it turns out it was barely visible because of her hair laying over her “shirt”. Since she’s a very anime-ish character I opted to use brass sheets for stray hair instead of eyelashes. They really enhance the kit!
Her panty-like bikini bottom has this lacy area which I airbrush oil over to avoid masking, then I painted Sawa’s four-leaf clover pattern over it. It works out pretty nicely, though it could be more transparent.


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