Yun Tze-yen



近藤 貴之
Apple Pie



Somebody explain to me why she’s in this attention *grabbing* (pun intended) pose?

Her name is Yun Tze-Yen (literally means Cloud violet flame – I use a different romanization than the package), violet gear of Team Omega in the game Oni Coach. (see Jun‘s description for more info) She’s Hong Kong born Chinese, 90-56-88, successor of a style of martial art and participated in the the game to test her skills. Being the violet gear, Tze-Yen’s color scheme is obviously violet.

This is the forth in the series of girls sculpted by Kondou-san, and I thought she was cuter than Jun, but after I’m done with both I like Jun’s finish more, probably because I finished both in quick succession. Which one do you like better?

Kit Review Seam lines: 3/5 Pinholes: 4/5 Casting: 3/5 Fit: 3/5 Part Break: 3/5 Help

This kit has much fewer parts than Jun but no easier. The main difficulty is to fit the hands on her butt – both of her her palms are imprinted on her butts, and to maximize the effect of grabbing, the fit needs to be perfect. Unfortunately the kit as is doesn’t do it, and so a lot of heating of resin is required to bend the fingers and the hands in shape. After things mostly fit, I secure the hand by pinning them to her butts… itai! Then I heat and ease the fingers into the slots. Phew.Another problem with the kit is the uneven surfaces in crevices, which makes doing a washing hazardous. Actually most resin kits are like this, but I had good luck with Jun so I was expecting the same from Tze Yen.
BuildingThis time I used Pearl-Ex Duo red-blue to do her stockings. This gives a magenta-like red (good enough for violet) and a light blue highlight. The blue is not very strong, so although you can see it most of the time with your eyes, on film it doesn’t work too well; but I manage to get a few shots that show the effect, like the one with the skates. Her cut-away shirt is based with this duo color, but coated with clear dark purple. This allows the shirt to give a surrealistic blue reflection that I like very much. Hair is highlighted with inteference violet. I dulled down the pigment a bit, otherwise she’ll look too shiny with metallic colors all over her body.I added a lot of brass hair strands for her; here‘s a picture of her “right drape” in progress. The most essential ones are the split ends on the forehead, and I added quite a few for the right “drape”. A couple flew over her eyes and I like the effect so I left it that way. Brass hair is not easy to work with, I got really lucky with Jun so all went smoothly, but with Tze-Yen, it was a lot of work. When you bend the hair it’s almost impossible to get rid of the bend, the best you can do is to “approximate” a curve.

I was debating whether I should ruin her breast with the Omega logo, and finally gave in… half of the people would think it’s ruining the paint job and half would be turned on by markings on body. Anyway I initially made a decal for her and worried sick about leveling out the decal so that its edges would blend in her skin. But after I ruined the decal during application I figure it’d be better to just paint it freehand – after all, it’s the way the line art of Omega Team looks, very ad hoc.

I spent a lot of time doing final touches this time. Initially I washed the body crevices but the effect was dismal – the uneven surfaces makes the wash look very ugly. I had to remove the wash and quite a bit of oil painting to fid different areas. I put her on a thick beveled acrylic base, and it looks really pretty. I had to drill and pin her on it however, which generated some imperfections in the acrylic block. Probably not enough to distract the viewer.


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