As advertised…

… an update! I’m working on the flying Cammy-chan. I’m always bothered by the I-beam she’s using as support, and I think the only diorama that’d fit is something like a construction site. So here we go.

The idea is to have her jumping over some collapsing structures, and she just avoided the danger of a flying I-beam aimed that the spot she’s just skipped over:


There’d of course be more rocks/debris/cast I-beams/pillars than what’s there right now.

The I-beams are made from balsa wood and would be wrapped with celluclay. The pillars are also made that way:


Wrapping celluclay somewhat uniformly around the square beam is quite a chore. I used an Elmer glue bottle to flatten them out, and then dremel off the excess when the clay dries.


  1. Yeah, it really works great for concrete/rock-like textured surfaces. If it doesn’t shrink so much it’d have been even better.

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