Mina Majikana – Samurai Spirits – 1/6 resin figure

Mina is serious about kicking her enemies’ asses! Her cold stare is matched by her cold surroundings. But the happy sidekick Champuru is just tagging along for a joy ride! For details on the modifications, see Making of Mina. The original figure was fantastic, so the mods this time are to increase the dynamism, which… Continue reading Mina Majikana – Samurai Spirits – 1/6 resin figure

Jun Kusakabe

  Introduction   Scale 1/5 Sculptor Nonomura Hideki (?) Maker RSB Completed 9/1/03 Parts 13 Retail 12000yen Jun Kusakabe is a character from the popular G-taste series. She’s a female police officer who always do the nasties with her girlfriend Kawamura Sayuri… ok that’s enough ^_^;; In general I’m not a very big fan of… Continue reading Jun Kusakabe