Banzai Hobby

I came across this japanese retailer Banzai Hobby in the Macross forum, where I took note of a special deal with a SV-262+VF-31 bundle. From there on I started to take note of this retailer and compared it with my go-to site HLJ. It appears that while HLJ is always at 20% discount for Gunpla,… Continue reading Banzai Hobby

New airbrush: GREX TG5

I needed a larger diameter airbrush for painting large areas; for example priming kits or painting something 1/60. I dug up my old Iwata BCS for this… it has a 0.5mm spray head and with the bottle attachment, I thought it’d be good for it. Then it brought back all my memories of why I… Continue reading New airbrush: GREX TG5

What took them so long?

Hasegawa finally came out with the 1/48 version of the Strike Valkyrie. OMG. I have no doubt they were going to do it eventually, but man that’s a frigging 3 years since the regular version came out! That’s why they’ve become one of the also-ran companies.

Tubing cutter?

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know how to use one of these K&S tubing cutter. I put a 1/16″ brass tube in the groove and turned the screw, but I don’t see cutting happening! I got one because I thought I can cut the tubes that I use for pinning more conveniently. Aluminum… Continue reading Tubing cutter?